Lucky Number 23 Bracelet

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Elegant adjustable bracelet with 24K gold plated zamak* lucky slider numbers 23 and a 24K gold plated stainless steel tube cube combined with a 24K gold plated zamak* slider enamel evil eye. Double black or turquoise polyester twisted cord, with a 24K gold plated stainless steel slider stopper rubber tube and four 24K gold plaited stainless steel cups at the finish.

Total bracelet's length 25cm max.
Polyester cords thickness 1,5mm
Slider numbers 23 4×6mm
Slider enamel evil eye 4×8mm

*Hypoallergenic metal alloy

All OhDeer.Me Jewelry is Safe-Hypoallergenic, Nickel, Lead, & Cadmium Free.